Exeter  Church  Football  League




-    All players must be at least 14 years of age.


-    At least 5 members of every Church Team must be Christians.


-    No studs or blades, just trainers or astros.


-    All games will be under referee control.


-    The goal keepers area is within the marked semi-circle.





The ref's decision is final, and don't give them grief! If any player is deemed to be acting in any way that is not in keeping with the league's ethos, they will be given an immediate one match ban. This is to be governed and decided by each team's manager.


Linesmen should flag for offside but the referee will have the overall decision and are advised to allow play to continue if it is too tight to call (play to the whistle!)





Each team can make changes at three separate times during the match. Each time as many players as wished can be changed and this can be at half time or during play.


An exception can be made if a player is injured and unable to continue and all three changes have already been made.

Basic Rules:

League Rules